Julia San Román


            Julia San Román is an artist born in Madrid, Spain with residence in San Diego, CA. Although she concentrated
    her formal education on Science (she earned her PhD in Biology), the influence of her childhood exposure to art
    remained an integral part of her passion for life. Julia immigrated to the United States to develop her doctoral thesis
    and to pursue a career in scientific research but her obsession with art continued to blossom and, after receiving
    training in Studio Arts and Art History in local colleges and numerous workshops, she has committed her life to

           "My artistic feeling has a mystical tone. This mystical consciousness, so fundamental for the work of an
    artist, is like an over consciousness of the world which helps placing all things of life in their real dimension
    and frees me of convention. Thus, I create my art to convey a state of mind that longs to escape the
    quotidian. My subjects, though always evolving in the form, they are constant: the human figure interacting
    with nature and most significantly, with birds– in flight, at rest, and in relation to the figure. Birds in clouds
    for me have become the liberating icon, the ever present emphasis on the spirit taking flight.
           Lately, I am focusing on light to express a sense of HOPE and preservation of the soul. Here, under the
    influence of the Southern California Light & Space Movement I find myself excitingly exploring abstraction,
    creating a type of work which is bilingual in order to express in a more efficient manner who I am in the realm
    of where I exist."
          Since her epiphany, Julia San Román has exhibited in New York, Washington DC, Vermont and throughout the
    West and South of the U.S. Her body of work is being featured retrospectively at the Oceanside Museum of Art this
    winter. In 2006, based on her comprehensive body of work, she was selected by the Chief Curator of American Art to
    exhibit in a group show at Gallery 15, San Diego Museum of Art. In 2010, the work "Cante Jondo” was selected to be
    displayed as an audio-painting installation at the public space “West-End” at San Diego International Airport. The same
    series, along with " Dissociation" was included in the 2013 Invitational show at W.D. CANNON Gallery in the Carlsbad
    Public Library Complex. Her work has been reviewed by the L.A. critic Grady Harp for “POETS and ARTISTS”, for San
    Diego Union Tribune blogs and for the Spanish newspaper DIARIO LA OPINION.
                  Julia became an American citizen in 2002. Thanks to all.
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