In order for my work to be complete, as an evolution of my previous series DISSOCIATION, where I focused on the light of hope, I am now
    trying to go to the essence of it, in this case, my interpretation of the physical light spectrum. Inspired by the California Light & Space
    movement, this voyage helps me prepare the groundwork for new, positive work whose intent is to convey a new direction of hope, the INFINITE
    HOPE... away from fatigue. Thus, by using two languages, which is part of my essence, I am trying to  develop an infinite mystical order out
    of expressionistic or atmospheric chaos. This bilingual work is formally expressed by the integration of geometric abstraction with
    naturalistic light episodes passing through clouds. In the midst of a void cleanliness, I am creating a space, in which to give dignity to my
    own dream, mankind's dream to find a DIGNITY that might include all living things.

    © Julia San Román